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Monday, December 26, 2016

Basketball Logic

Do we want to be easy to guard or hard to guard? Hard to guard. #Logic

Are you harder to guard when you are standing still or moving?  Moving.  Then move. #Logic

Is it easier to get open, pass or drive when it's crowded or when you have space? When you have space. So create good spacing. #Logic

Is it easier to throw short passes or long ones? Short ones. Throw short passes. #Logic

If you have good spacing, it's impossible to throw a basketball pass too hard. How hard should we throw it? As hard as we can. #Logic

If a teammate is open, what should we do? Throw them the ball. #Logic

Are you sure a teammate will be open later? NO. So Who should you throw the ball to? The 1st open man.  #Logic

Is the ball in the air longer if you wait for it, or come and meet it? When you wait. Don't wait. Meet the pass. #Logic

Is it easier to catch a ball with one hand or two. Two. Then catch  the ball with two hands. #Logic

Once you catch it, can you run with the ball or do you have to stop? You have to stop. So be on balance, and stop #Logic

Why would a teammate throw you the ball? You were open. So do something with it. #Logic

If you're open, it's a shot your supposed to take, and you're in your range, what should you do? Shoot it. #Logic

If you're going to shoot it, shoot it the way that gives you the best balance, vision and rhythm. #Logic

Do you shoot better when you're on or off balance. On balance. So be on balance #Logic

Do you make more shots when you're open or guarded? Open. So work to get open shots. #Logic

Is it easier to make short shots, or long ones? Short ones. Take short shots. #Logic

If you could shoot or pass-you would have. Maybe you need to go somewhere you're supposed to. So get there. #Logic 

Why dribble? Go somewhere you're supposed to. Improve a passing angle if you need to. Escape pressure if you have to. #Logic 

If you're not open for a shot your supposed to take, continue with #Basketball #Logic. The right shot will find the right player at the right time.


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