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Monday, February 21, 2011

1-4 vs Zone

We used to play a team that did a great job mixing M2M and Zone Defense, especially coming out of time outs. To battle that we went to a 1-4 set that was effective vs Man or Zone Defenses

A side benefit of this is it built confidence among the players as they knew what they were going to run was appropriate for the defense we'd see, and it gave the players confidence in the game pan the coaching staff developed.

One of the worst things possible is coming out of a time-out or running a set play and needing to change because the defense is in something else. There are times you can see the players deflate in front of your very eyes when they feel as if they were "out-smarted". This way, they feel in control of the situation and are more apt to perform with less anxiety and more confience.

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