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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

John Wooden Tribute

FoxSports West has a nice compilation of articles, videos, and galleries you can view here, with the topics below
John Wooden's legacy has been a great weight on his successors - LA Times
Video: Wooden: Much more than just a coach
Above all else, John Wooden's selflessness stands out - LA Times
Denny Crum: He Was My Coach, Mentor, Brother, Father...
Dan Guerrero: Remember His Humility, His Integrity
Dick Enberg: Wooden's Greatness Exceeded by His Goodness
Video: The Wizard preached loved and patience
Video: Stars stand in awe of the legendary coach Wooden
John Wooden was a man of his time, and for all time
John Wooden was a man of his time, and for all time - LA Times
Readers pay tribute to John Wooden - LA Times
John Wooden's championship years at UCLA - LA Times
Mark Kreigel: Integrity R.I.P.
Bill Walton: Coach Made the World a Better Place
John Wooden was an icon to ex-Mavericks assistant Del Harris
A blue streak: When UCLA won 88 consecutive games - LA Times
Wooden could touch lives over coffee and eggs
John Wooden's words live on in the hearts of his admirers - LA Times
Former players, including Walton, Hazzard and Goodrich, release statements on passing of Wooden - LA Times
Bill Macdonald: Fortunate to Have Been Touched By Greatness
Reaction to John Wooden's death
Matt 'Money' Smith: Wooden Was True Measure of a Man
Wooden Was True Measure of a Man
John Wooden dies at 99; UCLA basketball coach won 10 national titles - LA Times
Quotes: 'Woodenisms' from the legendary coach - LA Times
Video: Wooden made players better men
Video: Wooden breeds success
Video: Wooden Was a Coach, Teacher and Friend
Video: Wooden Was Greatness that Intersected with Goodness
Video: Wooden Made Each Day His Masterpiece
Video: No Wizard, But Wooden was Magical
UCLA students mourn John Wooden's death - LA Times
Timeline: John Wooden, 1910-2010 - LA Times
John Wooden's pyramid stands test of time - LA Times
Legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden Hospitalized in Grave Condition - LA Times

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