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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Tribe Has Spoken

I'll admit it - I'm a "Survivor" junkie. First of all, I'm a sucker for any kind of competition, and the team and physical challenges are usually pretty creative and typically quite grueling. As exciting as the challenges are the group dynamics and social interaction is just as intriguing. Plus - there's always a "basketball type" challenge every season.
The fact that you compete against a group that determines who might be sent home then have to decide who to vote off all while creating alliances that could help you now - or later in the game. Winning individual challenges down the stretch gives survivors immunity from being voted out during crucial "Tribal Councils." The irony is that the competitors that you vote to send home are also the ones that sit on a jury that decides the ultimate winner. While some players resort to lying or going back on their word during a vote to advance in the game, the trend has been for the jury is to vote for the player that played the most "honorable" game. This has created some winners that haven't necessarily "played the game", but have flown under the radar, ridden some coattails and essentially... "Survived."

Now the motto of Survivor is to "Outplay-Outwit-Outlast"and while the first two are important, I suppose the last one is the most important. What concerns me a lot after the last two seasons is the public's voting on their "Favorite Survivor." The past two seasons the public's vote has NOT recognized those that have played "honorably" and have instead awarded a Survivor that has deceived, lied, threatened, and verbally abused tribe members. I hope it is not a trend in society that we respect those traits and poor sportsmanship... or maybe he was just a player "you loved to hate."

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