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Monday, January 11, 2010

Runner vs Odd Front Zone

We ran this against all Odd Front zones (3-2, 1-2-2, 1-3-1)

I've found out that the best attack was also the simplest. Here goes:
2 post players at the block-who may flash a step or two when the ball is at the diagonal guard - no farther.
2 guards in a 2 guard front who should not move more than a step or two. Be a threat to shoot off the catch I always told them that "the second best thing that can happen in this offense is that you are guarded!"
Your best player (read "smartest") goes WHEREVER HE SHOULD, basically - "go where they ain't", and the other players need to FIND HIM.
The runner needs to go to the wing, corner, flash in the middle, wherever he needs to go to get open - but KEEP MOVING! The players just need to be in tune with the runner and at least every 3rd pass should find him (or her).

He should be a threat to score, but maybe having good vision, being a good passer, and knowing WHERE to go is more important. Often times the "runner" gets far more assists than baskets. If you choose the right spot and someone steps up or out to guard you - someone is always open! Imagine flashing into the middle and a touch pass to one of the 2 posts if that defender stepped up to defend. Draw it up and see the possibilities.

If the defense stays in their 3-2, being in the gaps and the runner finding a spot should be fairly simple. If the defense "matches up" you've gotten them out of their 3-2. With the runner working to find the "right spot" and the passers occupying their a defender then working to find the runner - a shot will materialize shortly.

How simple was that? Have 4 guys just stand in the right spots and tell your best player to go wherever he should. Seriously.I liked this offense so much that my only problem was that we didn't get to run it for very long. A few possessions and easy shot opportunities and the opponent got out of it !;?)

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