30 second time outs

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sideline Out-of-Bounds (SLOB)

It’s nice to have a standard Sideline Out-Of-Bounds play (SLOB) that the players can run at any time – but is versatile enough to give your team different options. There have been games where we’ve scored more than a half-dozen different ways out of the same play. Down the stretch in close games with so many stoppages of play, there are often several opportunities to take the ball out on the side. If you can come out of a time out or give the same look – yet attack in a completely different way it gives you a tremendous offensive advantage. The play easily flows into a 3-out/2-in set or works if a team is better suited to a single-post set. Finally, by having a lone multi-purpose play it saves your team practice time to work on other things that are necessary and allows the coach to Keep it Simple-Stupid (K.I.S.S)

As the official hands the inbounder, the 3-man, the ball, the 5-man in the corner looks to down screen for the best shooter, in this case the 2-man. If the shooter is open in the corner the pass should be made. This might result in a corner jumper, a drive opportunity for 2, or a post up for the 5-man... especially if the defense is forced to switch, creating a potential mismatch in the post.

Once the shooter comes off that screen, against a man-to-man defense the entire weakside defense is erased. This opens up an opportunity for an over-the-top pass to the 4-man who is coming off a big/little backscreen by the 1-man.. which may create another mismatch. This will also loosen up the defender on the 1-man which will provide at least a safety pass to inbound the ball.

Immediately upon throwing the inbounds pass the 3-man can take advantage of the defenses habit of neglecting to defend the inbounder. 3 can sprint to the basket for a give-and-go, and ultimately come off a screen by 4 to create a ball reversal to the opposite wing... along with a post up opportunity for 4 - again, especially if they switch.

With a couple of minor adjustments you can give the exact same look, but by switching a couple players in different spots you can have a last second play for a 3,

and an under :03 seconds play for a 2 or a 3.

The key to this is the 1-man (who probably has the smallest defender) is setting a screen for the 5-man (your biggest, toughest player). The pass by the inbounder (2) should be thrown so it arrives to 5 just as he is coming off of 1's screen and should be thrown high so that 5 has to go up and get it. A good screen may get 5 open. If the defense switches - at worst you have their smallest player against your biggest and the pass is high.

4 is setting a backscreen for a fade by 3, who may be open for a shot and after the inbounder sprints to the 3 point line - if you need a 3 the 5 man can look for 2, 3, or 4 at the 3 pt line for an inside-out 3... the easiest to hit.

This is the one time when a good SLOB is a great thing!

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