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Friday, January 02, 2009

101 Basketball Tips-by Ray Lokar

After years of writing for Lifetips.com as their basketball "guru" they made an offer to publish some of the over 600 tips that I've written over the course of the past seven years if I would compile them into a book. The first of those books is now available at Amazon.com

101 Basketball Tips contains some of the most important fundamentals and is written in short, concise, stand-alone tips that are void of too much technical jargon and diagrams. It gives written descriptions of the fundamentals and should be a great tool for the coach looking to find a way to build a knowledge base, or the coach who may be looking for a different way to present the fundamentals they are presently teaching. While these might not be the 101 most important tips in the game of basketball, I hope that there is something for everyone. I've tried to provide some ideas that may not be mainstream, some might be presented in a different manner than usual, and a few that initially might not come to mind. I hope that each coach may find some tips that will either "square" with what they already knew, make them look at something from a different "angle", or provide something new that completed the "circle" for them. The Table of Contents is as follows:
1) Be Big on the Little Things (9 tips)
2) Shooting (11 tips)
3) Dribbling (16 tips)
4) Passing (12 tips)
5) Movement and Spacing (12 tips)
6) Defense (26 tips)
7) The Mental Game (15 tips)

More than anything I need to thank the many mentors that I have had in the basketball world that have helped develop the ideas presented. The hours of "debates" that I've had with fellow coaches helped solidify those beliefs and the players that I've had the pleasure of coaching that "bought in" to the philosophies, fundamentals, techniques, and strategies have proved them to be solid in concept. Foremost among those players are my three older children: Shawn, Heather, and Brittany, who I could not be more proud of. They've worked harder than anybody at trying to "play the right way", and the constant banter we share makes everything crystal clear. My final hope is that my youngest son Tyler (shown here at 18 months - with GREAT form!) follows their lead and does whatever he enjoys with the same effort and commitment that they have shown. If I'm lucky - I'll have a chance to coach him as well, and share the same love of the sport.
He doesn't have to like basketball...

unless he wants to eat!
Just kidding!

For those who have ever had a book published you know that it is an arduous process, and I want to thank the several editors at Lifetips who have put effort into finally getting 101 Basketball Tips on the shelves. The second basketball book in the Lifetips series has been completed and I am hoping that 101 Basketball Coaching Tips is ready for a March Madness release.

I'll keep you posted

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