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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Weakside Pinch Post

In the case where both the low and high post entry passes are denied, the next option is for the weak-side guard to fake a cut inside, and then cut across to receive a pass and initiate a side-post game on the weak side.

The weak-side guard will receive the pass at the top, and the weak side forward will cut up to the mid-post - or pinch post, or side post, or whatever you want to call it, it's the same thing. (Note: this is also the reversal sequence in the Triple-Post Offense. You'll see Kobe Bryant receive the ball a lot in LA's pinch post sequence, and it looks almost exactly like this.) He weakside guard passes the ball to the side post, and begins a two-man game with the side post player. Meanwhile, the two forwards now on the weak-side form a double screen for the other guard, who will try to come under them for an easy layup, and when that is denied he will re-use the double screen and pop out for an opportunity for a jump shot on the weak side.

The two man game that the mid-post and guard play is dependent upon the guard's defender. The guard fakes down and cuts outside the mid-post. If his defender goes under the mid-post (which acts as a screen), the guard will cut outside and receive the pass back for the jump shot. Meanwhile, the mid-post player dives for offensive rebounding coverage or a post-up opportunity, the high forward on the double screen cuts to the middle for rebounding coverage, and the low forward remains in rebounding coverage. The other guard cuts high for defensive balance.

And, if the guard elects not to shoot the jump shot for whatever reason, you're right back into your Triangle setup:

In the case where the defender comes over the mid-post player, then the guard will take a handoff or drop pass for a quick dribble and layup opportunity.

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