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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Inside Zone Attack

To start your zone offense it is a good idea to get in a "GAP ALIGNMENT". Against an even front zone (2-1-2, or 2-3) get in an odd front set (1-3-1,1-2-2 or 1-4). Against an odd front zone, get in an even front set. This is to make two defenders think about which one should guard you. If a defender is in a direct line between you and the basket-MOVE and put players where the defense isn´t.

While I prefer to have good, solid zone offensive principles help the offense get a shot, at times a set play may need to be called. Here is one of my favorite against a 2-3 zone that provides an inside attack.

The play starts with an odd front gap alignment and the point guard(1) should "dribble-drag" the defender at least to the free throw line extended and "chase" the offensive wing(2) through to the opposite wing.. The key is to not go so far as to allow the defensive guard(1) to "pass" the dribbler on to the forward(3). If this is done properly, the return pass to (3) who followed the dribble the top of the key should be defended by the other defensive guard(2) at the top of the 2-3 zone.

When the ball is rapidly swung to (2), who was chased from the opposite wing, the low defender(4) should be required to closeout. When that defender breaks the offensive post(4) seal(4) should find the center defender(5) and screen, allowing the opposite offensive post(5) to flash to the block or short corner to receive the attacking pass from the wing(2). If the defensive center(5) should defeat the screen to guard the offensive(5), the screener(4) should be open on a roll back.

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