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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Factory

While stations CAN be really good, I think some kids have a bad view of "stations" from some poor camp experiences. They might get the image of mindless, repetitive drills with little or no supervision.

It's a little thing but we have always had a section of practice that we called "The Factory".

An "assembly line" of driils that help us "build" our game.

Most of the drills were rapid fire, high intensity, competitive situations. Maybe a pick and roll, post D, help side, getting through screens, etc and almost always with an offense and a defense. This would put players in a short-sided and semi-live situation with a number of repititions to help them work out game situations.

The other thing I might suggest is rather than doing something different at every basket, We took to doing the same thing at all baskets - then switching drills/games/activities every 3-5 minutes. this way I was watching the same thing at each basket, and if I made a verbal correction - I could do it loud enough that it might be an effective teachable moment at every basket.

Plus it was much easier for me to really focus on what I was teaching, instead of switching from skill to skill and basket to basket.

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