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Monday, October 20, 2008

Advantage Disadvantage

Those immersed in the basketball community will read “Advantage Disadvantage” and recognize many of the “usual suspects” and familiar situations that will make you chuckle… or bring your emotions to anger, disgust, sadness, excitement, and joy. Readers foreign to the world of hoops will gain some insight into the machinations of prep basketball, recruiting, officiating, and the cracks in the system that allows the slime to sometimes find it’s way into our beautiful game.

“Advantage Disadvantage” is a fictional tale with high school basketball as the backdrop for an intriguing story of a cast of characters that challenges you to examine the purity of amateur sports. We get to know some individuals who are faced with some very real life temptations and we follow them while they try to reconcile right from wrong – all while wondering whether their decisions will prove to be an Advantage or a Disadvantage.

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