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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 Guard

2-Guard is a continuity offense designed to allow four perimeter players equal opportunity to be in all spots at sometime during the continuity. This is the initial cut and the basic ball reversal. Four players need to be able to function on the perimeter and it helps if the high post is a decent passer, as you will see later. Over the next couple weeks we'll add some options and specials that make this a pretty comprehensive offense that you can build on and use from the youth level on up.

Check back soon.


happycoach said...

2 Guard looks like a good base offense to teach students. What kinds of options, counters, and set plays do you like to use with 2Guard? It looks like some of the old Wooden/UCLA plays could work because of the high post alignment, but I wonder what you think.

I really enjoy reading this blog. I eagerly anticipate updates. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Coach Lok said...

Thanks for the comment. I plan to make this a periodic feature and will add descriptions soon.

I'm actually just trying out this widget from Athleon Publisher to create a playbook, post on webstes, create Calendar reminders and help you manage your team and monitor off-season workouts. Check it out at http://www.athleonsport.com

We do have a number of UCLA type specials that we can call out of this initial 2-Guard set. Check back... I'll post them soon enough

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