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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Golden Triangle

The "Golden Triangle" is a, somewhat, overused description of some of the most important, wealthiest, or influential geographic areas in many parts of the planet. i like to refer to another very important piece of real estate as the "Golden Triangle" -the area a step outside each block to the midpoint of the FT line.

For rebounding purposes, we emphasize all FIVE defenders getting into the "Golden Triangle" where a majority of the rebounds fall (statistically it's probably more like an ellipse - but that's nitpicking!: ?) We talk a lot about geometry and anticipating rebounding angles.

Perimeter shots will be in the air only a little more than a second. That gives the defender time to get position between your man & the basket, make contact stop his progress, then get in the "Golden Triangle". If the defensive player is too deep in the "Golden Triangle" that's when they must block out to create space and get to the outskirts of the Triangle.

The Bottom Line is if all 5 defenders can be on the outskirts of that Triangle and be between the basket and the man they are responsible for blocking out...we're going to get a large majority of rebounds. If only a few guys get in the Triangle and the other two are posing on the perimeter with perfect block outs, the offense may have a better shot at some of those long rebounds.

Of course that's just one way to "skin a cat".

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