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Friday, June 13, 2008

Contesting Shots

One of the main differences between the Celtic defense and the Lakers defense (when they choose to play some( is the manner in which they *contest shots*. The Lakers, as coached by Phil Jackson, attempt to get to shooters but are instructed *not to leave their feet*. Jackson is somewhat of an "old school" coach and this is just how you played in the '60s and '70s. PJ has been true to that philosophy throughout his days as a coach.The Celtics, on the other hand, CONTEST shots! Maybe part of this is Garnett's influence, but Doc Rivers also played in a different era where leaving your feet is a little more acceptable. His final coach as a player, Larry Brown, really believed in contesting shots.
The bottom line to a good defensive system puts players in position to contest as many shots as possible. The Lakers, typically, are not a very good off ball defensive team, and you need to be to contest shots. Players miss contested shots. And they tend to make open shots. Funny thing.
So, at the very least, get a hand up so it limits his vision of the basket or he has to shoot over you. While you may not block the shot, you will put the shooter under a maximum amount of pressure. The Celtics do this very well.
Defenders should always make an attempt to play good team defense and get out on shooters. Even if it is not your man. Close out, get a hand up and make that the player shoots a contested shot. Even if you have to rush out and the defender is able to put the ball on the floor and go by you, that is not what they normally practice. They would then have to dribble, stop, and shoot without traveling or even stop and pass to a teammate. Other defensive teammates then can help play team defense and the offense would have to make a good pass and be able to catch it and execute all of those things without a turnover.

So force the offense to be able to make a play. That is why there are so many average to poor defensive teams out there. Too many players will not leave their man to help a teammate and not enough coaches demand it.

Don’t worry - a teammate will help you. Never allow an opponent to shoot the ball uncontested - they make those.

And the worst, sometimes game changers...

or series changers,

are uncontested breakaway layups.

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