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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cycle of Life

My oldest daughter just graduated from college and a speaker took the mike at the baccalaureate. She started her talk something like this.

"I started college in 1973 and after my freshman year decided to take a year off. It became 2...3...4...5. Then I got married and had a beautiful child. It became 2...3...4......5! The cycle of life kicked in, their education became more important than mine...."

... and her story went on. Ultimately she went back to school THIRTY YEARS later and said, "... the first day the students thought I was a teacher, the teachers thought I was a parent, and the parents thought...I was CRAZY!"

She ended up graduating magna cum laude with a double major and recieved the loudest ovation from her fellow graduates than any other student.

Now she gets to live her dream. It's never too late to go back, especially with todays degree completion programs and online education options
(Lord knows we ALL spend enough time online !:?)

Best of luck to all who choose this route

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