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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Special Situations - Gut Feeling...or by "the Book"

To clarify our situation chart and the use of "the book", I have a
bench coach that has this chart on the bench and it's been his job
to be "in my ear" and remind me when one of those situations occur.
That doesn't mean that sometimes a "gut feeling" won't trump the
chart, but this serves as a guideline. Obviously, the chart has our
calls, so come up with the plays that you have in your arsenal that
best fit that situation.

Next to the situation have a play or two that you'd prefer to run in
that scenario - then maybe you can choose from a couple diferent
ones. However, some of the situations, for me, ARE pretty cut and
dry and this is what we will do in that situation *every time*. This
way the kids are prepared, through practice, and time outs are not
as necessary. KNOWING what they are going to do does wonders for
their confidence in the fact that they CAN get it done.

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