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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Developing Coaching Philosophy

Bobby Knights' retirement and the subsequent secession of his son, Pat Knight, to head coach reminds me that moving over a chair or two to the head coaches seat is so tough - now you HAVE to make those tough decisions.

I think that it's great to take any variety of situations, on and off the court, and play "what if.." to determine what you might do.

Trying to find where, we as coaches, draw the line goes a long way into forming our coaching philosophy.

Too many times young coaches sit down and say, "I want my teams to do A,B, & C and I want to stand for X,Y & Z". Then they are face with a decision and find out that what they believe doesn't always fit into that alphabet scheme that they initially felt was important.

It is MUCH better for a coach to role play through several scenarios, like this, and figure out what they would do. THEN develop your coaching philosophy based on those answers.

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