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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why do we coach?

A coach should ask him/herself , "Do those players*play for me*?" or
"Do I coach those players?"

Our great profession got it's name from a vehicle (a coach) that
would take very important people from where they were - to where
they wanted to go.

Are we doing that?

The kids aren't under contract, aren't getting paid (generally!:?),
and have other things going on. If they aren't there - they are
missing out. If we haven't created that feeling then we just have to
keep working harder to get there. Sometimes that is a tough job in
certain places and those coaches have an uphill battle. That's why
those jobs open up more often and the ones where the climb is not so
steep aren't available.

For those that have "hard an fast rules" about summertime, consider
this story:

Facing a demanding schedule of games and travel and weeks of
answering recruiting calls from college coaches has left one of the
top girls basketball players in nation feeling overwhelmed.

So instead of burning out, Ursuline's Elena DelleDonne decided to
take a step back from it all and enjoy the rest of her summer.

DelleDonne took a two month break and played no summer league
games, no tryouts for the U.S. under-19 national team, and no
contact with college recruiters, lest they'd like to hurt their
chances of DelleDonne attending their school. Instead she spent
the rest of her summer volunteer teaching at a Wilmington school
for children with disabilities

And some coaches, according to their *hard and fast rule*, would cut
her ?

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