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Friday, January 04, 2008

Combating Pressure

I am big on facing the basket and less concerned with “triple
threat” than I used to be. Far more important to me now is reading
the defense and making a counter move *on the catch*

For example in a shooting sequence from the wing that we do often we
1) catch and shoot (if you’re open)
2) catch-baseline drive (if the D was in deny and is above you)
3) catch dribble baseline jumper (if the D was in deny and is above
you-but help comes)
4) catch- drive middle (if the D is trailing and is below you)
5) catch dribble middle jumper (if the D was trailing and is below
you-but help comes)

Then we would have a traditional *rocker series* from triple threat

6) catch-jab-crossover & drive (if the D was in deny and is above
7) catch-jab-step back-shot
catch-jab-head fake-drive
9) catch-shot fake-2 dribble jumper (both ways).

Often times you can make those first five moves *before the pressure
comes* and use the defenses speed against them.

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