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Friday, November 24, 2006

Creating your own shot.

As I sit and watch some college basketball and a flurry of "bad" (IMHO) shots off of the dribble, a thought re-occured to me that I've used in comments on other topics - but it stands alone as a valid philosophical question.

There is always so much talk about whether a player can "create his own shot" well enough to play at the next level.

My question is:
"Outside of the last 10 seconds of a shot clock,
if you have to *create your own shot* - maybe you shouldn't take it ?"


Chitown M.O. said...

Forgive me but what kind of statement is that? if the team offense cannot create good shots within the primary window of the shot clock then having a shot creator helps to be able to put points on the board. a player having the ability to create his own shot makes him the most valuable player on the floor outside of the shot blocker. shot creators require constant help defense that can help teammates get open shots and increase fouling likelihood on the players defender. most players either do not have the ability to create good shots or are not allowed to witin their team system or both. bad team, good team defense, selfishness or a combination of the three usually resorts to a player shooting a shot in order to not get a shot clock violation.

Coach Lok said...

Your premise is based on a paradox that you highlight when you wrote, "shot creators require constant help defense that can help teammates get open shots".

If that is the case - then they did NOT create their own shot...they helped a teammate get an open one.

Which is the entire point. Thanks for helping me point that out.

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