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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Player of the Year ?

In every sport there is always post-season talk about Player of the Year or MVP. I remembered a quote from an article on a POY a few years back. Read this link for some perspective from both the player and the coaches perspective.


It happened one June afternoon long before our championship season was to get underway. I had a conversation with my senior standout, John Haywood, as we glanced into the trophy case at the retired uniforms. None belonged to a boys basketball player.

"You know how you get yours up there?" I asked Haywood.

"Set some records?" Haywood responded.

"No,you have to be Player of the Year, and that usually goes to the MVP of the team that wins a (CIF-Southern Section) championship."

A few moments passed before a big smile appeared on Haywood's face. Several months later that smile grew bigger after Haywood led our team to the Division III-AA title. For his efforts, Haywood is the Tribune's boys basketball Player of the Year.

"On that day, he realized it's not individual records that bring recognition, It's team success. If he had the same stats but was on a team that wasn't as successful, he wouldn't receive the same recognition."

By honoring the best player on the best team that peforms in the biggest games, you really ARE actually rewarding the entire T E A M that achieves at the highest level.

Every member of that T E A M should know in their heart that they contributed to that award.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Creating your own shot.

As I sit and watch some college basketball and a flurry of "bad" (IMHO) shots off of the dribble, a thought re-occured to me that I've used in comments on other topics - but it stands alone as a valid philosophical question.

There is always so much talk about whether a player can "create his own shot" well enough to play at the next level.

My question is:
"Outside of the last 10 seconds of a shot clock,
if you have to *create your own shot* - maybe you shouldn't take it ?"

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