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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pick & Roll D vs Pick & Roll O

Thank goodness for Tivo.

I just got finished watching the US/Greece debacle again. And repeatedly "rewinding". First time put it on in the background during some work. It was not necessarily the US inability to guard the P&R as it was Greek proficiency at executing it.

The US mixed up the manner in how they defended it (or couldn't decide-not sure which)

The screeners defender would step out-the screener would slip it and be open in the middle of the lane

The on ball defender would go under-the dribbler would pull and hit a 3

The defenders would switch-the Greeks would exploit the mismatch and go inside

The defenders would double the ball-the dribbler would back dribble to avoid pressure and hit the roll

The screener's defender would help until the on ball defender could recover-then the screener would Pick & Pop to hit a 3

The USA off ball defenders would help on the driver-and the open man would hit a 3

They'd try to deny-and get beat with a backdoor

At the other end....*ONE on FIVE AGAINST a ZONE* (But what should we expect-that's what we see all summer long at every "showcase" event around ! : ? )

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Brian said...

How would you defend the pick and roll? Would you change it whether it is a middle pick and roll or side pick and roll?

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