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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A coaches' influence

Not to take too big of a quantum leap here, but stick with me on

It has been pretty widely accepted that a successful athletic
program boosts pride in the student body and the institutional
alumni. Those alums are the ones making financial contributions to
the institution and those contributions are used for everything from
building construction to funding the research that may go on in
those buildings. Who knows what great and valuable things that
happen in those buildings or what comes from that research.

Any athletic programs apppearance on TV is potentially the greatest
commercial that the institution can afford. Imagine how much UConn
would have to pay for 2 hours of TV commercials. Instead THEY get
paid to be on TV. I've often tried to convince principals (some
agree and some don't) that it is no different in high school. While
what goes on in the classroom may be more important in the grand
scheme of life (somewhat debatable) the results of a students math
test is not published or the performance of the chemistry teacher is
not scrutinized in the paper 2 or 3 times a week.

A positive athletic image and the resulting publicity that it
creates does wonders for campus morale, community support and the
future enrollment/success of a school. At any level.

Don't ever minimize the effect that you have as a coach on the grand
scheme of things in your school and community. It is not "just a
game." It is a laboratory for life and you can make a difference far
beyond those on court.

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