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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Question For Coach Lok? Does attending the summer circuit for club rather then playing with the high school Team A Must?

From SoCalHoops: Question For Coach Lok? Does attending the summer circuit for club rather then playing with the high school Team A Must?

When it comes time for summer basketball, everyone needs to work together in the best interest of the player and the HS team. An interesting way of looking at the player/coach relationship, is that players don’t play FOR the coach, but rather the coach works FOR the players to assist them in developing into the players and people that they are capable of becoming. Naturally, coaches need to do this within the team concept and keeping in mind what is also best for the group. Finding that balance is truly the one of the most important tasks that the basketball coach has. On the other hand, the players, and parents, need to commit some exclusive time to each side (club/HS). Most importantly, remember that the offseason is when players are made - not only seen. Players need to be first commited to their education and training as a basketball player, rather than just the competition and exposure that is really overemphasized in the offseason. Putting in the time to improve a players skills will prepare the players for any competition that they will face and that any subsequent exposure will really be the end result of that development.

That being said, it is crucial for a player to participate in "some exposure event" during the NCAA evaluation dates. This years NCAA evaluation periods are July 6-15 and July 22-31. The elite player with DI, DII aspirations needs to attend a camp/tournament during that time. The HS coach can use those times to give other players a little PT.

However, before July 6 and from July 16-21 is a Dead Period for the NCAA. That leaves plenty of "exclusive" time for the player to stay with the HS. The high school coaches are trying to bring together a new group of players to mold into their group for the following season. What each player chooses to do in the summer says to the rest of his teamates exactly what he thinks about them. When a group of players can count on each other and truly trust their teamates they can perform at a higher level. So it is just as crucial for the player to fully commit to his HS teamates during those times. That means that he may have to work it out with his travel/AAU coach in regards to practices to give the HS his totoal attention. A little give at both ends.

Playing in a couple of HS tournaments or a team camp before July 2 and another tournament the weekend of July 16 would allow a good number of games to be played with that recruitable player. Add a couple of summer league games a week and that should be plenty to set some groundwork for the upcoming high school season. Of course, the more competitive schools can take their team, or all of their recruitable players in the program and go play in one of the camps as a team. Killing two birds with one stone.

Keep in mind that the longest evaluation period on the NCAA calendar is from November to March - the HS basketball season. It is a misconception that coaches are only out in the summer. College coaches are allowed 40 evaluation days in the winter, selected at their discretion. The school's coaching staff shall not visit a prospect's school on more than one day per week during that period. If the NCAA's largest period is during the high school regular season, maybe we need to rethink which is "more important" and how coaches schedule. Single day events during the season where coaches can see multiple teams are probably more important to have on the schedule, and of course anytime the team can compete in a bigger tournament with quality teams, they should do so.

Players do need to also be a little concerned with "overexposure". Going to every showcase/camp/tournament that is available also increases the chance that the "red line" goes thru your name after a series of subpar performances. Make a splash, get on the radar, market yourself, and then make them come to you.

The best technique, again, is to be proactive and come up with a list of realistic schools that you want to look at you. Call or write ahead of time and let them know your summer schedule and where you will be at. They are more apt to track you down to take a look.
Players who are committed should really want to do it all. Plenty of players (with the support of wonderful parents) travel back and forth from their events at Dominguez Hills/Lynwood/Long Beach to the local high school summer tournament to be with their team. That is commitment. That is leadership. And that is the kind of player that a college coach will recruit.

But remember, the most important thing in the offseason is not the exposure, it is to become better - otherwise you really get exposed.

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