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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

See the Rim !

I think that proper shooting technique and successful shooting results are two different things. We've all seen those players with great form that can't buy a basket. Or those who are so unorthodox it's hard to determine how it could get so bad, but the shot goes in at an amazing rate. However, believing that the human body is an amazing thing, in my opinion the eyes and the brain have as much, or more, to do with the result of the shot as do proper fundamentals. Naturally, those that have everything working in a positive manner will be the best at what they do.

I believe that the most successful shooters are those who are truly able to focus on one small target spot to shoot for. Some say they do, but who can really tell what the eyes and mind are doing? If the eyes can focus on a spot and effectively send the message to the brain to tell the body what it needs to do to propel the ball toward the target, the shot has a pretty good chance of hitting that target, technique notwithstanding.

But we cannot throw those physical fundamentals out the window. So a technique that provides the most fluid and effortless stroke and gives the ball the best mathematical chance to go in is most desired. To me, fluid and effortless means the entire body is working together to create the necessary force. For this to happen there needs to be a continuous flow to the shot beginning with the toes and right on through the fingertip release.

We can break down the shot with all sorts of kinesthetic analysis to assist in developing a players' shooting stroke, in search of the "perfect form". And we need to teach those, particularly to our young players who are just learning to shoot. Proper mechanics can obviously lead to a more consistent shot. However seeing the myriad of great shooters using a variety of techniques it can only be determined that flaws in shooting form can be overcome by repetitions in practice and/or enhanced vision and focus. This being said, to break down shooting to its' simplest common denominators I might suggest the following to approach accomplishing all of the above mentioned goals.

1) See the Rim: No - really see the rim. Pick that spot and focus. Allow the eyes and the brain to assist to the fullest extent. May also speak to the shooters bodily alignment throughout the shot

2) Sixty degree arc: Not really sixty degrees. But close, give or take a few degrees in either direction. The point is - get the shot up in the air and give the ball a better mathematical chance of going in.

3) Hold your follow thru: This may only be the exclamation point of the shot, but a focus on that important aspect may actually encourage the shooter to use the fluid aspect of the entire shooting process. In turn, this will give the ball better rotation and a softer bounce on the rim, further increasing the mathematical chance of a made basket.

With the emphasis on these three aspects of the shot every time, it gives players and coaches the opportunity to work on the finer points of the shot on a regular basis in search of what we all strive for - the perfect shot.

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