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Monday, February 21, 2005

University of Memphis make huge strides using the ACE IntelliGym

If you are a regular reader, you know that Basketball4ALL endorses the ACE IntelliGym(tm). For those that don't know. ACE (Applied Cognitive Engineering) has developed a revolutionary training tool that enables basketball players to dramatically improve their game-intelligence skills. The ACE IntelliGym(tm) is available at Basketball4all and it directly stimulates the brain-functions responsible for basketball`s cognitive skills. By doing so, this unique trainer enables super-quick development of proficiencies that, until now, were considered an "instinct", something that the players either have or they don`t. Skills such as decision making and execution, shot selection and team play, movement anticipation and pattern recognition, peripheral vision and spatial awareness, unpredictability and overall court sense. Testing the system on real basketball teams has shown to improve their performance in 22% to 28%.
The University of Memphis began using the system,available at http://www.basketball4all.homestead.com/ACE.html,
at the beginning of this season. Head coach John Calipari said it was only going to take time for freshman DariusWashington Jr. to learn how to play at the collegiatelevel.(and I`d say,"plus diligent use of the IntelliGym!:?)
LOOK HERE AT THE AMAZING RESULTS directly from the Memphis Sports Information Department

For the second time in three weeks, Darius Washington Jr. was named Rivals.com National Freshman of the Week Feb. 15. The award is given for his play the week of Feb. 8-14. He previously earned the same honor Feb. 1 for his play Jan. 25-31. Washington also earned ESPN.com/Dick Vitale Diaper Dandy of the Week for the week of Feb. 8-14.Each year, a team or player has a game which turns it around for them. For freshman point guard Darius Washington Jr., it was the Dec. 11 game against Ole Miss.(I don`t think that it is a coincidence that this corresponds to the number of sessions on IntelliGym(tm).The following charts show the difference in his game (by stats) since Dec. 11 and also how his game has improved in the last 13 contests:
Up to D-11 Stat Post D-11
(1st 9 games) (last 16 games)
12.1 Scoring Avg. 16.4
3.1 Reb. Avg. 4.3
25/34 Asts/TO 70/53
17 Steals 29
40.6 FG Pct. 50.0
36.0 3P Pct. 42.9
50.0 FT Pct. 73.8
Darius Washington Jr. is not the only Tiger that has been playing well since mid-December. Senior Duane Erwin has raised his level of play the last 17 games.
Up to D-11 Stat Since D-11
(1st 8 games) (last 17 games)
4.4 Scoring Avg. 7.9
3.9 Reb. Avg. 7.0
8 Blocks 23
5/8 Assists/Steals 25/18
47.6 FG Pct. 46.9
88.2 FT Pct. 65.6
1 10+ Reb. Games 4
2 5+ Reb. Games 14
As they say, "the proof is in the pudding". Or "numbers don`t lie". Take your pick.For more information, or to order got to http://www.basketball4all.homestead.com/ACE.html

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