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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Science of Shooting

In This doc could give Warriors a shot: Scot Ostler writes, "Most players learned to shoot on their own and their bad habits were never corrected, only compensated for. [Players think]A jump shot (or free throw) is way too personal to let a stranger tinker with it.
In golf, every pro has a coach who analyzes, critiques and tweaks every swing, even on the practice range. Golfers don't pick up a toothbrush without their coach correcting their grip.
The jump shot and the golf swing are cousins, mechanically, but golfers recognize certain basic laws of a good swing, and hoopsters cherish the idiosyncrasies of their jumpers. "

Baseball players are no different with their swing. Hands here, hips there, feet like this, head like that. Watch themselves on video, over and over again. I believe that THAT is the primary reason the increase in offensive statistics. Others point to the rampant performance enhancing drugs. Unless the drug also provides radar - there must be something else.
More teams so the dilution of pitching? No way! Not with the increase in population, number of youth players, earlier training and the influx of foreign scouting. There may be even more pitchers available now.

These athletes are aware of their inadequacies and they try to fix them. Basketball players need to do the same. Shot awareness is a theory provided by the Dr. that Ostler speaks of. He'll tell you the secrets to a great basketball shooting technique that will give you a consistent jump shot and the perfect shooting fundamentals that you have been looking for. Develop a follow thru and use of your legs that, with practice, will make you a great shooter.. Find out more from Dr. Tom Norland at Swish

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