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Friday, January 14, 2005

Life in the Slow Lane

The Grinnell basketball coach David Arseneault fulfilled numerous coaches' requests by publishing a book entitled, "The Running Game- A Formula For Success" and an instructional video called "Running To Extremes."
That system has been the topic of discussion recently, with Redlands University running their version at the tune of over 140 ppg. Last night in high school basketball, we saw the complete antithesis. The story follows-

FOXSports.com - More Sports - Second quarter 3-pointer proves decisive: "Hard to imagine a 3-pointer in the second quarter of a high school boy's basketball game would turn out to be the winning basket , unless it's one of only three made in the entire game.
That basket, along with an earlier field goal, was all Bellows Free Academy-Fairfax needed to beat Milton on Wednesday night. The final score: 5-2.
To the teams' credit, the score was the result of an apparently deliberate stalling strategy.
It could not immediately be determined if the score was a state or national record low, but the contest certainly attracted attention.
we've been talking about it all morning over here,' said Bob Johnson, the director of student activities for the Vermont Principals' Association, which governs high school sports.
'It had to have been one of the most boring games in the world,' he said."...read the rest here

I'm guessing that it will lead to plenty of discussions regarding the use of a shot clock in Vermont, as is used in many states. Purists can now chime in about he shot clock being "the devil" and how teams need to be able to be patient, work the clock, and use clock management for the purpose of upsetting a superior opponent. Read the entry regarding UofR scoring 172 points and then tell me which game was more "pure" to the sport of basketball.

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