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Saturday, January 01, 2005



Every year many people try to make New Years
Resolutions to change or
alter their behavior over the next year. In order
to truly follow thru
with a resolution, it must be one that you truly
believe in. Basketball
resolutions are no different. Before you commit
to changing a style of
play or improving on a skill, you must first know
that it is something
that you really believe to be important in the
game of basketball.
If any of you have seen the baseball movie, Bull
, The main
character (played by Kevin Costner) states the
things that he believes in,
in a little monologue.
Here`s my attempt at my "Basketball Beliefs" ala
"Crash Davis".


I believe in the basketball.
I believe in running the floor,
the first open man,
the ball reversal,
the open shot,
the jump stop,
and the pivot foot.
I believe in setting screens,
using screens,
dribbling for a reason,
good passing angles,
being "shot-ready"
and catching passes with two hands.
I believe in spacing, court vision,
the"assist/turnover ratio", and the
concept of "relative motion".
I believe that there oughtta be a constitutional
amendment outlawing the
dunk and the hand-check.
I believe in a good, defensive stance,
pressure on the basketball,
influencing to the sideline,
preventing penetration,
fronting the post in the "red-zone" and playing
behind in the "smile".
I believe in the "ball-man-line",
help-side defense,
checking cutters,
committing to the basketball,
taking the charge rather than blocking the shot,
team rebounding,
and I believe in the beauty of long, solid
possesions that always result
in a shot on offense and a contested shot on

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