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Friday, November 05, 2004

SI.com - Seeking edge, college hoop teams try out video game

The future is NOW!

As I was "blogging yesterday about
Basketball4all's involvement with the ACE IntelliGymtm around the world other news agencies were posting this article on their websites:

"MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- Memphis forward Simplice Njoya sat hunched over a laptop, testing an theory first studied on Israeli fighter pilots.

The premise: Skills he picks up playing a complex computer game can make him a better basketball player.

'The theory is, it's going to be the weight room for the brain,'' Memphis assistant coach Ed Schilling said.

The on-screen action looks nothing like a basketball game but is designed to work on the visual and decision-making skills a player needs. Basketball programs at Memphis and Kentucky are testing the game to see if it gives players an edge.

Called IntelliGymtm, the game was created by Israeli company
Applied Cognitive Engineering Inc."....read more

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