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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

FOXSports.com - Todays' Basketball "Superstars"

A paragraph in the middle of an article regarding "overated" NBA players is very telling in the problems we are having in the game today.

FOXSports.com - "Overated Basketball Players":

"The trouble starts in junior high school, where superior hooplings are recruited (in public and on the sly) by agents, sneaker manufacturers, AAU teams, and even colleges. Adults who should know better solidify their influence over these kids by telling what great players they are, and how much greater they will become if they sign up with the right people. Should one of these pumped up youngsters have a bad game, well, then, it's always somebody else's fault - his teammates, his coach, or the referees.

Hey, kid. Want a free sweatsuit, free sneakers, and a free trip to play in a tournament in Paris? Stick with me, kid, and I'll make you a multi-millionaire."

Read any magazine, message board, chat room and you'll see that this is, far too often, the case.

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