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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Welcome to Basketball for All !

Welcome to Basketball4all. I sincerely hope that we can use this site to your advantage and ask (or answer) some of the questions or concerns that we all have as basketball coaches and players. The constant quest for a "better way" is what makes our profession as coaches, and this game of basketball, an ever changing adventure. As long as we continue to grow and learn, the future of our sport is in good hands. Here, and on Basketball-tips.com you can get tips on Ball Handling , How to Be Better NOW! , Big Men , Books,Videos,etc ,Coaching, College Selection, Conditioning , Defense, Dribbling ,Fast Break , Footwork, Guard Play , History & Trivia , Individual Training , Injuries , Mental game ,Offense ,Passing, Players to Watch , Pressbreak , Pyramid of Success ,Rebounding , Rules , Shooting , Sportsmanship , Terminology, Vertical Jump , and more.
Spread the word about this site and you and our fellow coaches, or players, can voice our concerns, solve our problems, and share ideas in a place where we strive to be the best "teachers of the game " that we can be! Hope to hear from you often.

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